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In March 2012 Justin Partyka was working on a commission in Berkshire during which he was required to share the new photographs using social media. To make this easy he began using an iPhone so he could post photographs on Twitter literally from the fields. Justin began to photograph with the phone extensively alongside his dedicated commitment to using film. He continued to do so up until March 2014 and in these two years amassed close to 10,000 photographs taken on the phone. 

But what is the point of producing all of those millions of pixels? The camera phone is rapidly changing the nature of photography. Never has the medium been more democratic, popular and accessible. The camera phone has become the all seeing “eye” – it is everywhere, from the biggest public events to the most private moments, effortlessly snapping photographs and sending them out into the digital universe where they are instantly consumed and quickly forgotten to be replaced by the next one. To photograph with the iPhone is essentially the making of throwaway images.  

Frustrated by the intangibility of phone photography, Justin was inspired to launch #theEYEPhoneDiaries in an attempt to give meaning to his iPhone images. Printed on newsprint, this photo-zine is intended to be an alternative to the perfection that Justin aims for in his exhibition prints. Aesthetically these photographs depict the unique and effortless way that the phone sees the world.